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We communicate mainly by phone, voice mail and regular mail. If you want to communicate with us electronically for any reason, such as changing appointments, asking clinical questions, or requesting refills, etc., please notify us by phone that you are requesting a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and give us your preferred e-mail address. We will then send instructions to that address about how you can apply for a PIN through our secure patient portal. If you do communicate in the future by e-mail, please do not use e-mail for ANY emergency or urgent messages. We appreciate brief messages that describe clearly your question or comments. E-mail messages can be used only for brief and simple communication. They are not a substitute for office visits or a conversation with the physician or nurse if indicated. Only one issue can be addressed. If a patient chooses to use e-mail messaging on a frequent basis, that could be detrimental to their care. We reserve the right to restrict communication to phone calls or office visits. Because of the volume of communications that we have on a daily basis, e-mail communications may not be addressed for a minimum of three week days. All phone messages left before four o’clock in the afternoon on weekdays are returned that same day if possible. Refill requests received from pharmacies or from patients before 4:00 p.m. are addressed on the same workday unless prior authorization or other detailed information is involved.

We check all voicemails at least twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon during regular weekdays. Messages left before 4:00 p.m. are usually addressed that same business day. Otherwise a response will be made on the following business day. Please do not leave multiple calls on the same day with the same questions. On the other hand, if you do not receive a response by 2:00 p.m. of the following business day, please feel free to place another call. We try to address all calls in a timely manner but we sometimes play phone tag with patients. We usually go to the Weatherford office every Tuesday. When we are not in Weatherford, that number is forwarded to our Fort Worth number. The Weatherford fax is available on Tuesdays and the Fort Worth fax is available every weekday. Phone calls to the Weatherford number are forwarded to Fort Worth except on Tuesdays.

Phone Numbers
817-334-7922 or 817-596-0569

Extension 12

New patient appointments, follow-up appointments, rescheduling an existing appointment, request for medical records or other reports, referral questions and issues

Extension 13

Nurse’s phone for questions regarding medical issues to be relayed to Dr. Blue, medication questions, testing questions.

Extension 14

Questions and information with regard to billing or accounts

Extension 20

Requests for prescription refills or questions about a refill. In most cases pharmacies contact us if refills are needed. If you have a problem getting a refill or if your pharmacy has told you to contact us, then please do so.

Extension 17

A physician-only line, which may be used by a physician or by a hospital employee calling about a patient. Other calls will not be accepted on this extension.